LUGO LAND : PHOTOGRAPHIC VISITING SCHOOL : Analog Roadtrips : 24-30 June & 1-8 July 2018
27th June - 3rd July 2016

*2018 workshop*

Analog Roadtrips:
24 – 30th June 2018
1 – 8th July 2018

This year the workshop will use analog [film] photography to investigate the concept of place and identity within a landscape, where territories and borders blur as we journey away from its center.
We will undertake a series of roadtrips through the landscape surrounding Lugo, using photography to dissect and define: where the subtle topographies are revealed only through committed observation.
The lowlands of Emilia Romagna extend over 400km² in the northeast of Italy. The landscape is characterised by dozens of small towns and hamlets; the town of Lugo is its political and geographical centre.

Analog cameras are available for students who do not have their own, but this must be arranged in advance with Sue Barr, prior to the workshop.